Stone – Keeping it Real

Ever driven past a house with stone exterior and something just didn’t quite feel right? That’s what I like to call the wallpaper effect… Your eye always wants to build based on logic, using things like… well, gravity! And that requires form and function for authenticity. To do it right, think about how a real stone wall would be formed. Each stone will rely on the other to hold together, and stack.

And don’t forget the mortar joint. Even with bad stone, if you keep the joint consistent it can make all the difference. When adding windows or doors, stone should stick out past, the window.

Once you see a properly built stone veneer,  you’ll never be able to look at a bad one without rolling your eyes.

Examples of stone done right… 1st image from @mckayarchitects and the following 2 by @elderadostoneusa


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