Spruce Up Your Summer Space☀️

We’re in the final bit of summer and we all want to make the most of our outdoor areas while we still can! Recreating spaces can be difficult on a budget, so we’ve done some research into what will give you the most bang for your buck! Ready to adjust your outdoor atmosphere? Start with these easy trends!
✨ Outdoor Draperies can be a simple addition and create a private oasis. They can be installed over plumbing conduit and add an upscale feel and a gorgeous pop of color to accent your space. Our first picture shows a fun pattern that spices up an outdoor sitting area! (Credit: @WynnandRoo)
✨ Accessorize! Adding a rug can drastically change the appearance and unify the space. Added bonus – it’s soft and cozy for your feet! Using other accent items like lanterns, flowers in a vase, and coasters make the are feel just as comfortable and luxe as your indoor space!
✨ Last but not least, lighting! Globe string lights are all the rage and add warmth to any table setting or bar table, while led lighting surrounding the patio and landscaping can create a stunning view after sunset. Both can be found at great prices online and at your local hardware store! Scroll right to see some terrific examples! (Image 2: @kaginteriorogkunst Image 3: @sweetthreadsco )


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